Tug Of War

This story is told from the point of view of my nephew, Caden Rex Jensen. I’m going inside the head of a one year old if one years could talk in full sentences. I can’t believe he going ti be three in January! What does he  think about all of Auntie Rachael’s gadgets? Another great picture book,Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Caden I live a pretty easy life. I eat, sleep, and play. All I have to do to let my Mommy know I’m hungry is cry. My mommy helps me get dressed in the morning. I would say I’m pretty well taken care of. I like to call myself, “The king of the castle.” Most days, Mommy and Daddy play with me. Today is a special day. Mommy says my grandma and Auntie Rachael are coming to visit. I love seeing my Auntie Rachael. She has a great smile and always brings some special toys I haven’t figured out what they are but they look like a lot of fun! We’re going to have a great day!

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! My job is to answer the door. I’ll get it. I crawl to the door, and mommy follows me. I open the door and see… Grandma and Auntie Rachael! Oh boy! Let the fun begin!

“Hi Caden It’s so good to see you!” says Auntie Rachael with a smile. I smiled back but I was very curious about the thing she had with her. It looks like a big rectangle. It’s got red handles, and four black wheels. There’s two big ones in the front and small ones in the back. It looks shiny. Why is it? Whatever it is, it looks like a lot of fun!

I followed my Auntie Rachael she walked to the couch I got down on the floor and I grabbed onto her right leg. I figured she could use a l little help. When we got to the couch she tried to turn around and sit down but I still had hold of her leg.

“Caden let go” She laughs. As she laughs, she begins to go down to the floor. What’s wrong/? All I’m doing is holding onto her leg. I thought I was helping

“Caden let go.” Mommy says. She looks at me very seriously. I don’t want to get in trouble so I listen to Mommy. I watch my Auntie turn around. She seems interesting. She leaned on the walker and switched her right hand to the left side. Her hand scooted across the shiny silver bar. When her hand got to the end she finally turned all the way around and sat down. It was finally my turn to check out this strange thing whatever it was. Not only did it have bright red handles and four black wheels but it also has a black seat on the front and a yellow thing that went across it. I know I’ve seen Auntie Rachael sit on the seat before. How does she make it go down? What are all the buttons on the side for? I started playing with the seat but I couldn’t make it go down. How does she do it? I wondered. Does Auntie Rachael have some kind of magic touch? Does she some magic words I don’t know? Maybe my auntie Rachael’s a magician. What are the magic words? I wonder. What’s the secret? This looks like an interesting toy. Maybe it’s a car. It doesn’t look like any car I’ve ever seen out on the street.

As I touch the black wheels on the front my Auntie Rachael says,” Walker.” “I don’t understand grownups. I continue exploring. I want to learn everything I can about this gadget. Maybe I should have one of these! It looks like fun! Auntie Rachael can sure move fast in this thing. If only I can figure out how to take apart maybe I can understand how it works and why my Auntie Rachael needs this thing. I shake it but nothing happens. There’s got to be a way to take this a part. Then I can understand why my Auntie Rachael falls down.

This thing called a “walker” whatever that means, also has a bar on the back. I wonder if I can climb on it and get inside the walker. I want to check out everything about this gadget. First, let me go get my brown explorer hat. There it is!
Auntie Rachael watches me as I try to move around this thing she calls, “a walker.’ I look up at her and she smiles. “Hi Caden, Be careful.” She says.
Mommy comes in and stops me. “No Caden, Don’t climb on that. It’s dangerous. It’s not a toy.”

It’s not? It sure looks like it to me. I try again. “No Caden.” She says. She pulls me away from the walker.

I’m bored with the walker. I want to move on to some of my toys. Auntie Rachael gets down on the floor. She crawls over to where I am to get close to me and then tries to sit with in a position grownups call., ‘”Cross-Legged.” It looks strange to me. I don’t know why they do that.

“Come on leg” She said. Cooperate.’’ Why is she doing that? I wondered. Does she think her body can hear her? Grownups are so strange.

After a few minutes of struggling, Auntie Rachael is finally able to sit up. I see a piece of string and grab it. I pull one end my Auntie Rachael pulls the other. We’re having fun now.

“See Caden we’re playing Tug of war. This is what goes on in Auntie Rachael’s brain all the time. This is why she trouble doing certain things. Her brain is getting mixed signals. Her mind says one thing but her body says another. She has to work really hard to get her brain and her body to communicate with each other. It takes a lot for her to get the other side to win.”

I don’t understand what my Auntie Rachael is saying. We just keep pulling on the string. Finally, Auntie Rachael is laughing so hard she loses her grip. I win! Auntie Rachael laughs so hard she falls backwards on the floor. She said something about tug of war and we were having a great time. Why does Auntie Rachael fall do much?

Soon morning is gone. It’s time to eat lunch at the table. I get up without grandma help Why can’t Auntie Rachael?” Why does Auntie Rachael need help walking and getting in the chair? It’s so simple. Put one foot in front of the other and turn around even I do it. After we had lunch, I wanted to play ball. Auntie Rachael and I sat on the floor again and we rolled my little black and white soccer ball back and forth on the floor. After a while I got bored with rolling the ball and wanted to stand up and kick the ball and can’t sit still I gotta move. I got things to do. I kicked the ball to my Auntie Rachael. She rolls it back to me. I’m confused. I frown as I think; you’re supposed to kick it back. Auntie Rachael. We’re done rolling the ball. That’s boring. Next! Auntie Rachael smiles and crawls to her walker. She pulls it behind her and stands up one leg and then the other.

I roll the ball to her again. When she goes to the kick the ball, her right foot goes on top of the ball instead of behind the ball like mine. Again I’m confused. Why can’t Auntie Rachael kick the ball? It’s easy. Maybe I just need to show her how. Like this. Watch me Auntie Rachael. I grab the soccer ball and bring my leg forward to kick the ball. Auntie Rachael claps for me. “Yay Caden!”

I bring her the ball again. Now you try Auntie Rachael She tries again. This time, she falls forward and loses her balance. Why does Auntie Rachael have so much trouble? Why is her body different? There must be away to fix it. I know, I’ll get my toy hammer, and I’ll l fix all of Auntie Rachael broken body parts and then she’ll be just like me.

I go to my room and I find my hard hat and my tool kit. I’ll have my Auntie Rachael fixed up in no time. I come back out and Auntie Rachael sees me in my yellow hard hat and tool kit and smiles. “Are you going to fix some things around the house? Go for it! I get closer to my Auntie Rachael and lift her legs.. I try to see if I can pull them off but nothing happens. Auntie Rachael just screams.

“Ouch! Caden why are you doing that? She asks. You’ll hurt your Auntie Rachael.”
I’m only trying to help. This is all for her own good. Auntie Rachael is under construction. Next, I go for her arms. Again nothing happens. Auntie Rachael screams again.
“Caden stop! That hurts!’ I stop. I don’t understand what the problem is. Auntie Rachael smiles again.

“Caden tool kits are for fixing buildings not people. If you want to play construction worker, let’s play. Let’s pretend we’re building a house.Auntie Rachael put on the other yellow hard hat, the tool belt that goes around your waist, for some reason she had trouble making the belt click so I helped her. “Thank you Caden.” She said. She grabbed the other tools the toy saw, the toy screw drivers, the wrench and said, “Okay, I think we’re ready. Let’s get started!”

I grabbed my blocks and started stacking them up, Auntie Rachael made the sound of the hammer. POW! POW! Suddenly, the tower of blocks seemed like it was getting too tall. I decided to knock it down. KABOOM! The tower of blocks went all over the floor. That was fun. Let’s do it again. Auntie Rachael laughed. “Caden, now we have to start all over.’”

“What do you want to do with all that Caden? I thought we were building a house. Are you bored already?” I dump out all my other toys. Auntie Rachael watches me and then… BOOM! I knock over the blocks again. What great fun! Auntie Rachael laughs.

“Caden at this rate we’re never going to get the house finished.”
If you ask me I think the house is finished which is why I knock it over. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? I can’t sit still for too long. There’s just too much to learn about the world to stay in one place, I don’t want to miss anything.

I spot my big foam squares. Oh boy one of my favorite toys. I poke out the letter R for Auntie Rachael. I hand her big pink square and Auntie Rachael and she covers up her face. “Where’s Caden?”

“Oh, there he is!’ She does it again. ’‘Oh three is!’ Ha Ha Ha! I giggle. I could play this game all day.
Auntie Rachael doesn’t move like me but she sure does know how to play. Soon mommy decides she needs to go to the grocery store to get a few things. Oh boy that means we’re going to go outside for a little bit.

Grandma puts Auntie Rachael in something grownups call a “wheelchair.” It has two wheels, one on each side. To me, they look big tires that would on a car, and two small wheels in the front it’s got some black things on the inside of the wheels but I don’t know what to call them. I love being outside. It’s much better than being inside. There’s so much more to see. I love it when Mommy puts me in the little pack that goes on her chest. When I’m in it, I’m up and I can see everything. When get to the grocery store, Mommy goes through the lines and buys what she needs quickly because she knows I don’t like to stay in one place for too long While we are un line mommy let me down to explore my Auntie Rachael’s wheelchair. I’m not sure what it looks like. Is it a train? Maybe it’s a fancy truck? I don’t know. It sure looks different.
Soon we go home and grandma helps Auntie Rachael get out of her wheelchair. Auntie Rachael and I play patty Cake while Grandma helps mommy bring the stuff from the store in,

Wow!I’m surprised at how Auntie Rachael is able to move her hands to play patty cake. Shortly after that, It’s time for grandma and Auntie Rachael to get home. I follow Auntie Rachael and Grandma out the door. I’m going to miss all the fun toys my auntie has.

They get in the car and Auntie Rachael says, “I’ll be back, Caden.” As they drive away, I realize something. My Auntie Rachael’s body may not be like mine, but that’s okay. If it was, she wouldn’t come with all those fun toys. We had a great day! I can’t wait until I see her again!

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