From The Heart

Here’s some poetry I wrote when I took a writing class through the U.C.L.A. extension program earlier in the year. Many of the poems reflect my true feelings about my disability, as well as give you insight into some of the activities I do. Enjoy!

Adventures in a Wheelchair
The Beach
Clack , click
Hand on my joystick.
I leave my room.
Zoom zoom zoom .
Heading for some way out where on into the ocean air.
I wish I could fly.
Fly high in the sky.

Skiing at Big Bear Mountain
Look at me go so fast in the snow.
Moving left and right with ease.
The use of my arms instead of my knees.
“Look at me” I say.
Filled with such glee.
I can do it myself.
I only need me.”

First Grade- Why can’t I?
Everyone else is learning to write.
Something doesn’t seem quite right.
My hands are taking flight.
Why? Why can’t I write?

Horse back riding
I jump on the horse and for the course.
As the horse goes around,
I have to make sure to not land on the ground.
The horse looks down as he hears a new sound.
“Come on horse stop fooling around.”

The pool
I go into the pool .
Where it is nice and cool.
I could stay there all day.
It’s like freedom today.
I swim like a fish.
Move as I wish.
I don’t care bout turning blue,
I’ll stay there til day bids Adieu.

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