Hunt For Heaven Pictures

Hey everybody! Here are some pictures I took when the first edition of The Hunt For Heaven first arrived on my doorstep.  The books arrived on Christmas Eve 2009.  What a great present that was! Enjoy!

December 24, 2009.  The long awaited package from Chaplain publishing finally arrives! Yes I’m in my pajamas! We had a lazy day that day!


Opening the package pulling out the books.  This is so exciting!


Proudly holding up The Hunt  for Heaven for the very first time for all to see!


My proud big sister Rozalind Benson!


Looking at The  Hunt for Heaven for the very first time as a published work.  It turned out great!!



How fun to see my name in print! What great illustrations too!


Hard work realy does pay off!


Signing my very first copy of The Hunt For Heaven and making my first book sale on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!!


Signing another copy of The Hunt for Heaven.  Very focused!

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