Let Go And Let God

I ride horses at Carousel Ranch. It’s a place that does equestrian therapy for people with disabilities.
One time my instructor took me on a trail ride. Everything was going fine until we got to a tree. It was kind of hot and the horse decided that it was time to eat. He started to nibble on a leaf. The spotter who was in charge of controlling my horse in front pulled on the bit. She was saying, “No, not now it’s time to work. “ The horse was determined. He went for it again. My spotter pulled on the bit. This time, the horse backed up very strongly. Startled, I let go quickly and fell toward one of the side walkers. After I landed with my feet safely on the ground, I laughed and said, “Well, there’s a first time for everything.” We drove in a truck back down to the arena.

In many ways, we are very similar to the horse. Many times we want something so bad we will do anything to get it. We don’t want to listen to God until we fall flat on our backs. If you’re using something someone else created, don’t you think that person knows more about the product than you do? When God says no to something, shouldn’t we trust the judgment of the one who made us?

Dear Lord,
Help me to give you complete control of my life.

Camp Capernaum 2008

Here’s a letter that I wrote to God at Young Life camp last year. Enjoy!

Dear God,
Thank you for your unending love. Thank you that you don’t make mistakes. Thank you that you saw our souls as disabled so you came to save them. Thank you for the promise of a new body someday. Thank you for being there during the tough times. Thanks for putting me into a family that cares about you and sends me to camps like Young Life.

I’m looking forward to the day when I get to heaven and I get to ask you why I had to have CP– then I get to throw my chair in the fires of hell. I look forward to seeing you. Come back soon!