“Don’t Let The Devil Twix You”

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”
2 Corinthians 5:17a
My Fun Life group has a weekly Bible study that meets on Thursday nights.  Last time we met for Bible study, we made pumpkin paper plates and talked about Halloween.  My leader told us that the pumpkin could symbolize the way Christians are supposed to shine as lights for Christ.
When we accept Jesus into our hearts, He comes in and cleans all the dirt out of our lives, then he “carves us out” in his image and makes us “a new creation.”  The light that shines inside the pumpkin could symbolize the light and hope that Jesus brings into our lives when we truly trust Him as our savior. Then she gave us Twix bars and said, “Don’t let the devil Twix you.”
She meant that Satan is always trying to mess with our minds.  He’s always trying to make us think we’re not good enough for God.  He wants to make sure our light for Christ goes out for good.
As Christians, we need to do things like be in fellowship with other believers, pray, and read the Bible.  During the week, I like to listen to praise music in the morning. If we do these things, we keep our minds and our hearts pure and we won’t be “Twixed” by the devil!
Dear Lord,
Help me not to be “Twixed” by the devil.