Hunt For Heaven Reviews


                               What are People saying about THe Hunt For Heaven?

“This book was great for two specific reasons. One, it is the gospel put in a way that a child can understand. Secondly, the pictures draw you into the story. It is a book I know my nieces and nephew will enjoy. I also love the author’s own personal story; it is inspirational!” Cody Jensen

“The Hunt for Heaven is a wonderful message, penned in a magnificent style of adventure and truth, beckoning the readers to come along on the hunt and discover for themselves the true treasure of heaven, the Savior Jesus Christ.” Sarah March

“The Hunt for Heaven is an excellent book to help explain the concept of Heaven to young children. I loved reading it with my daughter. We enjoyed the style of writing and also the beautiful illustrations. The author, Rachael Benson, did an outstanding job on her first book!” Veronica

This book is really exciting to me, because I have seen it actually work. A 10 year old girl read it, and it inspired her to come to the Lord. What better a recommendation can there be?’ Henry R. Stanford

Great little Christian story.   This was a fun story especially because we live on the beach. Very imaginative. Good story line and plot for a simple story. Thanks Rachael.” Lizbeth Savage