Karoke Night

In case you’re curious, here’s a little bit of what goes on at Fun Life! Fun Life is Young Life’s ministry for people with disabilities in Santa Clartia. In case you can’t understand the words, I’m singing Born To Be Wild! It was a hard song to keep up with! People that know me really well say that’s the perfect song for me. I always say, “Danger Is My Middle Name!” Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Rachael, That was GREAT, it is so good to see you enjoying yourself. You, me dear, are one of the most persistant, smart and BRAVE people I know. I know that the LORD does have a special place planned for you.LOVE YOU HUGGS IN CHRIST Uncle Hank and Aunt Donna
December 5, 2009 11:30 PM

Amazing Grace

Have you ever had a time in your life when you’ve thought, Thank you Lord for watching over me? My family and I lived in Granada Hills at the time. My mom, my sister, and I went to Palm Springs on a business trip with my aunt while my dad stayed home with our animals.
The time? About 6:00 a.m. The date? January 17, 1994. Everyone was sleeping soundly until suddenly we felt the hotel room shake. Alarmed, we woke up and turned on the news. 
There had been a big earthquake in Northridge California. It was one of the biggest earthquakes California had seen in years. It caused a lot of damage in many homes – including ours. Fortunately, most things were repairable and replaceable. All except for one thing — me.
We lived in a two-story house. All of our rooms were upstairs. My closet was made of glass. The earthquake was so big that the glass shattered, and my closet fell on my bed! I can’t move very easily. If we were home, I would’ve been an easy target!  My mom and dad would’ve crawled through a pile of glass to try to save me. I could’ve had a bunch of cuts and bruises. Maybe I would’ve died at only 10 years old. It’s only by God’s amazing grace I’m still alive today.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for allowing me to live so that I may proclaim the glory of the Gospel, and tell the world of your amazing grace!