The Last Place You Look


I’m into scrapbooking, but the limited dexterity in my hands makes it difficult.  Someone else has to put the pictures in for me. Recently, I found something that I thought I lost for good.
It was an e-mail from someone named Renee Bondi. She was also in a wheelchair.  She came to speak at a Joni and Friends family retreat.  I e-mailed her because I wanted to thank her for allowing me to talk to her for a while recognizing my need for help. We talked about my frustrations with my aides at home in my day program and wanting to live on my own. After I e-mailed her, she replied back with some advice.
I was so excited, that I printed it out so I could save it and put it in my scrapbook.  I put it on the very bottom shelf where I thought it would be safe. So many different people had been coming in and out of my room helping me with things that it somehow got moved. I went to grab the letter, but it wasn’t there!  What happened to it? I thought.  I had my aides tear my whole room apart looking for it. It’s gone. I thought. I was almost in tears.
            I started blaming my disability.  If I could do it myself, this wouldn’t happen.  I had forgotten that the last aide who helped me with my scrapbook put the letter in the back of the book. I looked there but didn’t see it.  I was in deep despair.  The response back was unexpected. That was pretty special that somebody would take the time to do that – somebody who had been there – who really understands what I’m going through. It’s priceless.  Now we’re friends.  She’s in my prayers.
The aide flipped through the pages and there it was at the back of the book! When I saw it I said, “Thank you Lord!” At least now I know where it is next time I want to look at it.
My letter was in the last place I looked.  Isn’t that just like us? Searching high and low trying to find the right direction to go and it’s right under our noses.  All the answers are right there in the Bible yet that seems to be the last place we look.    We don’t cry out to God until things get really bad. Then we say. “Lord, where are you?”  Just when we think He has left us, the Lord says,  “My child I’m right here!” Then we run to Him. If we ran to Him in the first place, our world would be in a lot less pain. He’s waiting for you with open arms. Will you run to him?
Dear Lord,
Help me to make you the first one I run to.

Christmas In Heaven

Heaven is s a place where everything is perfect and we’ll be reunited with Jesus and our loved ones who were believers. Have you ever wondered what Christmas is like in heaven? The Bible doesn’t tell us, but I’ve found myself pondering the question a lot the past couple years each time Christmas rolls around. 
On December 3, 2007, my Grandma Benson died at the age of 78 of a massive heart attack.  Christmas Eve was at her house.  One of my favorite Christmas memories with Grandma is baking cookies. We made two kinds.  We made sugar cookies with different cookie cutters. We also made peanut butter with Hershey’s kisses in the middle.
Everyone would be around the table talking about how the year had been for everyone and Grandma Benson would be right next to me.  She would sprinkle the dough with sugar and then roll it out.  I would pick up a cookie cutter, she would help me line it up, and then I would press the cookie cutter into the dough.  When we couldn’t fit any more cookies on the dough, we’d scoop them up and put them on a cookie sheet and get another one.  We’d be at it for hours.  We’d make jokes, we’d laugh, she’d ask me how I was doing in school, etc.  It was a good feeling to have Grandma right next to me. We made Christmas cookies this year for the time in years. For the first time, Grandma wasn’t there. 
The thing I love most about cookies, or anything freshly baked is the smell as it’s in the oven! I also love the warm mouth-watering taste it gives my stomach on the inside because it’s so warm. Grandma was such a servant. When she didn’t have anything to give, she gave. I like to think that she is standing alongside Jesus right now preparing a feast for everyone there. I like to picture heaven like a huge bakery.  I can’t wait to share cookies with Grandma in heaven.  The best part is in heaven we won’t have to worry about calories because there won’t be such a thing. Since heaven is a place where everything is perfect, we’ll taste the best cookies ever made!  See you in heaven Grandma!