The Cardboard Testimonies

 Some days, I long for my heavenly body right now.  Recently, I went to a fundraiser for Young Life.   They asked a group of us to give our testimonies of how Young Life had impacted our lives.  They had us put it on pieces of cardboard.  On one side, we put what our life was like before we came to Young Life.  On the other side, we put how our lives were affected after we came to Young Life. On the front, mine said: “Burdened.” On the back, it said: “Safe and Understood.”
We were doing a rehearsal.   They didn’t have a ramp, so I stayed down in front. While everyone else practiced going on stage, I stayed behind with one of the leaders and practiced turning over a piece of cardboard.  Every time I tried, I either turned the cardboard upside down, or I kept rotating the cardboard- Why is this so hard? I thought.       The leader reminded me that there was a great reward for me in heaven. She was right, but all I could think was, If only I had perfect hands, I would be able to do this. We decided in the interest of time that my leader would help me flip over the cardboard. In those moments when we long for heaven, remember that Jesus walked the earth. I’m sure He longed for heaven many times.
Dear Jesus,
Help me to keep my eyes focused on you.