“Focus On What You Can Do”

the great face off with Sarah March before the great Tortoise and the Hare race in front of my house October 2014. I’m the Hare Sarah is the Tortoise. I won! ! We just recently had anther race. I won again! Those pictures are on Facebook. Now I need to rewrite the Tortoise and the Hare story! 

“Focus On What You Can Do”
Here’s s a piece I’m posting this piece which I wrote for my Mircoflash fiction and nonfiction class I took in the winter semester. Enjoy!

“We would like to thank everyone for coming to our church play. We will now serve dinner and refreshments in the other room.”

Sarah brought me my walker and I stood up and turned around We followed everyone else into the other room. The room was on a lower level and we had to go down a long ramp to get to it. My walker has four wheels. If I don’t control my legs I can easily run right into something. Sometimes I need a little help.

“Now Sarah when we go down the ramp, hold the bar on the back of my walker so you can help me control the speed.”

I was anxious to get to the food!  Before Sarah had a chance to grab the bar, I pushed off at the top of the ramp, raised my feet in the air, and said “Catch ne if you can!” I laughed the whole way down. My walker went flying down the hill and Sarah ran after me. Finally, I got to the bottom of the hill. Sarah caught up to me. We both laughed and walked safely into the other room.

Having CP is hard at times. There are many moments when I wish it just wasn’t there, but, if it wasn’t for my CP, I wouldn’t need the help I need, and I would never meet great people great people like my friend Sarah. Funny moments of laughter like that wouldn’t happen. I’m able to show people how to have fun.  Without CP, some of the happy moments I have in my life wouldn’t happen. Whenever I get down about having CP, I have to remember my mother’s wise words. “Focus on what you can do not on what you can’t.”