Therapy dog helps patients at hospital

Therapy dog helps patients at hospital
Hey everyone! I didn’t write this, but here’s an article I found in The Signal about how I helped inspire someone else in a wheelchair to volunteer at the hospital. The writer doesn’t mention my name, but I’m certain that they talking about me because I’m the only one there in a wheelchair who volunteers. They do talk about a young girl with cerebral palsy who pushes around a magazine cart. Here’s an example of what can happen when we let our lights shine for Jesus. Enjoy!

Danger and Zippy: A weekend At Oakbridge

Danger and Zippy:  A weekend At Oakbridge
Thursday, August 25
Hey, everyone, Zippy here. I’m Rachael’s wheelchair. Fun Life campers and I just got back from an adventurous place called Oakbridge.  Fun Life is a Christian organization for people with disabilities. I wish, I could talk about everything we did, but I’m just going to share with you some key highlights. Are you ready? Hold on tight. It’s going to be one wild ride. Here we go! HONK! HONK!
 At Oakbridge, the fun began right away. As each camper got off the bus, the welcoming camp leaders clapped, cheered, and yelled our names. It was very special…especially for “RACH-AEL! RACH-AEL! RACH-AEL,” my rider.  It was a big parade! I didn’t dress for the occasion, oops.  
Next, we headed to the dining hall. The camp leaders gave me the royal treatment-wheelchairs first! I like first class. Then, we saddled up to the table. Rachael had tacos, and I had a couple squirts of WD40, yum!
     Soon, it was time to head for the clubhouse. The speaker spoke about being lights for Jesus that point people to God. To illustrate, the room grew dim (I need headlights), then lit up once again. The message ended, and we headed to our cabin. Inside, Rachael parked me next to her bed, plugged my battery into the electric socket, and together, we dreamt about tomorrow’s adventures.
Friday, August 26
  Up early, Rachael buckled in, snapped my footrests into place, and off we drove to the dining hall. I heard Rachael say that the egg and sausage burrito was “yummy.”
At club time, the speaker told the story about the Good Shepherd. Our camp leader gave us journals. Rachael wrote:
She sure does care. Back home, the hospital is one of my favorite places to go with her. I love seeing the impact Rachael has on others. When they see her ride up, they realize their life doesn’t have to stop because they are in a wheelchair. Rachael and I are both good shepherds to each other. I take her where she needs to go, and she makes sure my parts are maintained so I function properly.
   That evening, the camp had a carnival on the field. Rachael won five tickets, enough to “pie a leader” in the face. She “pied” camp leader Randy because he had a beard and the shaving cream stuck to him quite well! She giggled and I could tell she enjoyed it.
Saturday, August 25, 
The campers put on their white t-shirts.  They were told to wear something they didn’t mind getting dirty. “Uh-Oh, This sounds dangerous,” I thought.   
 We played two games, first, Chariots of Fire. A rope attached to a sleeping bag was tied to my wheelchair handles. With Rachael driving and me as the chariot, we dragged campers around cones! Second, we played a chalk game. Little did I realize what was coming-up. The leaders gave campers handfuls of colored powdered chalk, and told them to throw it at each other. Next thing I knew, all kinds of colors were coming at us! Chalk was getting all over my controls, my footrests, my handles-everywhere! Not only were the colors on me, but, also, on Rachael’s shoes, pants, t-shirt, and hair! She was more colorful than I’d ever seen her before! That’s when; I nicknamed her “Danger.”
 After lunch, “Danger” scaled the rope course and zoomed across the zip line. The camp leaders put her into a special harness that took her up the ropes and throughout the course.  She really stood out in all those colors! At the zip line, before she launched, “Danger” yelled, “THREE, TWO, ONE, BLAST OFF!” She zoomed down the zip line giggling and smiling the whole way.
 That night, we had a spectacular Neon Dance! Everyone danced the night away by the light of glow sticks. 
Sunday, August 26, 
            Time to head home. We were asked what two things we would take home from camp. Danger yelled, “The color duel.” “Me, too!” I thought. “I’m still wearing the colors!”  And, I would like to wake up early as I did at camp.”   
When we arrived home, “Danger’s” mom saw the rainbow of colors painted all over me. “This is what happens at Fun Life Camp!” They both chuckled. 
 Mom washed most of the colors off, but some remained. That’s okay. It was fun!! I can’t wait to see what we do next. Living with “Danger” is always an adventure!