“Press One”


I can’t drive so I use Access. It’s the public bus system for people with disabilities. Sometimes it can be so frustrating!
            Last night I was on my way to Fun Life. The bus was supposed to pick me from my house between 5:36-5:56. Fun Life only lasts two hours from 6:00-8:00. I waited the 20 minutes they ask riders to wait when scheduling a ride.  By the end of the window, the bus driver still hadn’t shown up. Normally I wait five minutes pass the window, but the company already cut it close with the time they gave me and I really wanted to get there.  After two minutes, I called them.
            Access has one of those automated systems.  I got to the part where it says,  “For English, please press one.” I found out that the company had my pick-up time down as 6:14. Somebody changed my pick-up time and didn’t call me to ask my permission. I asked to speak to a supervisor and filed a complaint. I finally got there at 6:30. While I’m on the phone I’m thinking, These people need to speak the language of details!
             God wants us to learn to speak His language. If we have questions about something, all we have to do is pray, read the Bible, and listen for His still small voice.  No automated system required!
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for making Your word so simple.

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  1. Great post, I am a member of the CWCC and I have a blog for parents with children dealing with serious illnesses. I am a nurse and understand some of what those parents go through. I would love to share your blog with my readers and hope to get more traffice to both our blogs. Keep up the good writing, I know God has a great mission for you.

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