“Sweet Tooth Rachael”


Anyone who knows me really well knows that I love sugar.  In fact, one of my aides calls me, “Sweet Tooth Rachael.”
            Last week my mom was in charge of bringing snacks to her Sunday school class.  She made a tray with three types of popcorn: parmesan, nacho, and caramel. She knew it would take awhile, so she started very early in the morning.  As I was coming down the hallway, I smelled the scent of caramel.  I wanted some right now! I could eat a bunch! “I get to test it, right Mom?” I ask. “Yes Rachael.” She replies.
            That same day when it was time to go to church, I was so tired from the day that   I actually thought about not going. My mother emphasized that it was important for me to have fellowship with other solid believers. The more we talked, I realized she was right and I ended up going.  Once I got there I was glad I didn’t miss it.
             The thing about eating sweets is that the “sugar rush” only lasts awhile and then we’re hungry again. In the same way, our “sweet tooth” for the things of this world only lasts awhile and then we are looking for something else to fill our hunger. Only Jesus can really fill our lives with sweetness that lasts a lifetime.
Dear Jesus,
Give me a sweet tooth for the wisdom of your ways.

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