Joni and Friends Radio Contest

Me with joni Eareckson Tada and Ken Tada at Family Retreat 2011 in Murrieta Hot Springs in San Diego CA. The theme was “Be Free!”


In April Joni and Friends had a radio contest for Easter. This May marks 35 years since she’a been on the air. Although I didn’t when the contest, I thought people would want to see what i wrote. Joni Eareckson Tada is one of my greatest inspirations for writing the way I do.  I listen to her radio program on her website  everyday. I would love to start a ministry similar to hers with my writing someday.  Thank you Lord for Joni Eareckson Tada!

Spending four minutes a day with Joni Eareckson Tada is a real treasure. I have cerebral palsy, and I use a wheelchair. I’m 34. Listening to her radio program is a highlight in my day. Her broadcasts have inspired me to teach, minister, and write. I’m the author of a children’s book and I have a Blog. I teach kids in the Awana program at my church and I’m always quoting Joni’s sayings with the kids such as, “I’d rather be in this wheelchair knowing Him, then on my feet without Him.” I grew up in a Christian home. Joni has re-enforced the values my mother has taught me like, “Focus on what you can do.” Joni and her radio program have had such an impact on my life, as my writing advances, I’m trying to make my writing similar to hers. I want to have the same impact on special needs families she’s had on me. Not only do I volunteer at church, I also volunteer at my local hospital. I share Joni’s story all the time and tell people how she paints with her mouth. She doesn’t give up. When I think of Joni, I think of Philippians 4:13 where it says, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength!”

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