Snap Out of It!


On Saturday, I went to a writers’ conference. The main thing they emphasized was that your attitude and your heart are the most important thing. Writing is a tough business and very tedious at times. If somebody isn’t doing it for the right reasons, it’s very easy for their thoughts to turn negative very quickly.
            To keep us from thinking or saying negative thoughts about the writing process, they gave us rubberbands to put on our wrists. We had to wear them all day. Whenever we said or thought something negative, we had to pull the rubberbands.  If somebody heard us say something negative, they could reach over and pull our rubberband for us. If we started thinking negatively, the rubberbands were there to help us snap out of it!
As Christians, our lives are supposed to be a ministry. I believe the reason we get so easily burdened by our ministry is because we are focused on the wrong things. How many times have you thought, I don’t fit in. Maybe I should quit. Instead, what we should be thinking is, does this fit in with what Jesus would have me do?  If we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, He will be our rubberband. When we have doubts or questions about the wisdom of God’s ways, Jesus will help us snap out of it!
Jesus, help me to fix my eyes on you.

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